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The CHIMERA system

The CHIMERA system; Blade-type PC cluster
(Cbrc HIgh perforMance clustER for massive Analysis)

The CHIMERA system is a blade-type PC cluster composed of 88 computational nodes. Each node is composed of a PC server (Intel Xeon E5540) of eight cores/16 threads.

For the filesystem, it is equipped with two file servers, by Lustre (user space 60TB) and ZFS (user space 200TB), and it is connected from the computational node by Flex-10 (10GbE) infrastructure.

We utilize this system in genome analysis, protein structure/function prediction, analysis of subcellular networks, and calculations of molecular dynamics/docking/quantum chemistry.


System Name : The CHIMERA system The CHIMERA system
Number of nodes : 80 (160 CPU, 640 core)
    CPU : Intel Xeon E5540 2.53GHz
    Memory : 2.2GB / core
Number of service nodes : 8 (16 CPU, 64 core)
    CPU : Intel Xeon E5550 2.66GHz
    Memory : 2.0GB / core
File servers : NFL (10 TB)
Lustre (60 TB)
ZFS (200 TB)
Network : HP Flex10

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