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2014/2/13 Results of research Mr.Yoshinori Fukasawa's paper "Plus ca change evolutionary sequence divergence predicts protein subcellular localization signals" has been published in BMC Genomics.
2014/2/13 Results of research Sequence Analysis Team and The University of Tokyo co-authored paper "A Bioinformatician's Guide to the Forefront of Suffix Array Construction Algorithms" has been published in Briefings in Bioinformatics.
2014/2/7 Results of research The Paper of Dr.Yutaka Saito, et al.:"Bisulfighter: accurate detection of methylated cytosines and differentially methylated regions" has been published in Nucleic Acids Research.
2014/2/7 Results of research The Paper of Dr. Kazunori Yamada and Dr. Kentaro Tomii "Revisiting amino acid substitution matrices for identifying distantly related proteins" has been published in Bioinformatics.
2014/2/7 Results of research The Paper of Dr. Martin C. Frith, et al.:"Improved search heuristics find 20,000 new alignments between human and mouse genomes" has been published in Nucleic Acids Research.
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2013/11/26 public information NEWSLETTER No.44
2013/07/09 public information NEWSLETTER No.43
2013/06/25 Event CBRC2013 poster submission opened. (by 24 p.m., August 18, 2013)
2013/06/25 Event BiWO2013 Register Now
2013/06/25 Event CBRC2013 homepage opened.
2013/05/30 Results of research Software "Spaln" has been added to our software list.
2013/05/16 public information NEWSLETTER No.42
2013/05/07 Results of research The Paper of Tomii Team Leader, Dr.Imai et al.:"Tam41 Is a CDP-Diacylglycerol Synthase Required for Cardiolipin Biosynthesis in Mitochondria." has been published in Cell Metabolism.
2013/03/21 Results of research Dr. Kazutaka Katoh's paper "MAFFT Multiple Sequence Alignment Software Version 7: Improvements in Performance and Usability" is on the cover of Molecular Biology and Evolution(Volume 30, Issue 4).
2013/02/08 Results of research Dr. Sachiyo Aburatani received the best paper award at GLOBAL HEALTH 2012
2013/01/21 public information NEWSLETTER No.41
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2012/09/25 public information NEWSLETTER No.40
2012/8/24 Event CBRC2012 poster submission opened. (by September 25, 2012)
2012/08/24 Event BiWO2012 Register Now
2012/8/21 Event CBRC2012 homepage opened.
2012/08/01 public information New Research Group "Comparative Genomics Research Group" started
2012/07/25 other Notice about CBRC summer holidays in turn
2012/7/9 Results ofesearch Tomii, K.(CBRC), et al."Convergent evolution in structural elements of proteins investigated using cross profile analysis", BMC Bioinformatics, 13:11,(2012). highly accessed. helpmark
2012/7/5 Results of research W. Nemoto(Tokyo Denki University) and H. Toh(CBRC) "Functional region prediction with a set of appropriate homologous sequences-an index for sequence selection by integrating structure and sequence information with spatial statistics", BMC Structural Biology, 12:11,(2012). highly accessed. helpmark
2012/6/28 Results of research Joint research by CBRC and the University of Tokyo on protein nuclear export "Prediction of leucine-rich nuclear export signal containing proteins with NESsential."Nucleic Acids Res., 39(16), (2011. rated as "must read" by the Faculty of 1000"helpmark
2012/06/06 public information NEWSLETTER No.39
2012/1/23 Recruit Job Opportunities for AIST Research Scientist(finished)
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2011/12/28 Results of research "seg-suite", software tools for manipulating segments and alignments, have been added to our software list.
2011/12/28 Results of research "fastapl, fastqpl", FASTA Perl Loop, a tool for processing multifasta data, and its companion program fastqpl for fastq format data, have been added to our software list.
2011/12/28 Results of research "SAHG", a comprehensive database of annotated protein structure models encoded in the human genome, has been added to our database list.
2011/12/28 Results of research "RecountDB", a database for corrected read counts and genome mapping on NCBI's transcriptomics archives, has been added to our database list.
2011/12/28 Results of research CBRC Student received the best poster award at CSH Asia 2011.
2011/11/30 Event BiWO2011 homepage opened.
2011/11/30 Event CBRC2011 homepage opened.
2011/11/30 Event CBRC2011 poster submission opened. (by December 21, 2011.)
2011/10/11 Results of research "PoSSuM", a database of similar protein-ligand binding sites, has been added to our database list.
2011/09/16 public information "HPCI seminar", open to the public, begins on 7th Oct, 2011; Lecturers list and lecture abstracts released.
2011/08/26 Results of research "paraclu", a software tool to find clusters in data attached to sequences, has been added to our software list.
2011/07/25 public information NEWSLETTER No.36
2011/07/19 other Notice about CBRC summer holidays in turn
2011/07/12 event The 19th Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and th 10th European Conference on Computational Biology (ISMB/ECCB2010)
2011/05/06 Results of research Wan, R., et al.(CBRC Sequence Analysis Team) "HAMSTER: visualizing microarray experiments as a set of minimum spanning trees", SOURCE CODE FOR BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, 4(8), (2009). highly accessed. helpmark
2011/04/01 public information NEWSLETTER No.35
2011/01/19 public information NEWSLETTER No.34
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2010/11/22 Results of research added "tantan" to our software list
2010/11/12 Results of research Fredrik JohanssonKyusyu Uni.ˡH. Toh(CBRC:"A comparative study of conservation and variation scores",BMC Bioinformatics, 11:388 highly accessed.helpmark
2010/10/19 public information NEWSLETTER No.33
2010/10/05 Results of research added "MAFFT" to our software list
2010/10/04 Results of research CBRC Researcher received the best paper award at ICIC2010
2010/09/15 public information Voice of a Researcher Vol.9
2010/09/10 Event 26th - 28th September International Conference on Bioinformatics(InCoB10)
2010/08/06 Results of research Published Book:"Protein Bioinformatics"(Academic press/Elsevier)
2010/08/06 Results of research S. Hirose(CBRC), et al."Prediction of protein motions from amino acid sequence and its application to protein-protein interaction", BMC Structural Biology, 10:20, (2010). highly accessed. helpmark
2010/07/22 Results of research Martin C Frith(CBRC) , et al."Parameters for accurate genome alignment", BMC Bioinformatics, 11:80 ,(2010). highly accessed. helpmark
2010/05/17 Results of research added "Workflow" to our software list
2010/05/10 public information NEWSLETTER No.31,32
2010/05/07 Results of research added "TMFunction" to our database list
2010/04/27 Results of research added "Recount" to our software list
2010/04/13 Event 30 Jun-2 July 9th International BIO Expo
2010/03/10 Event 28th-30th July 2010, BiWO2010(Bioinformatics Week In Odaiba)
2010/01/29 Event BioHackathon 2010 Symposium
2010/01/29 Recruit Job Opportunities for Project Research Staff (Sequence Analysis Team)(end)
2010/01/15 public information NEWSLETTER No.30
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2009/10/01 Event BIWO2009/CBRC2009 registration is open!
2009/10/01 public information NEWSLETTER No.29
2009/09/01 Results of research Shimizu K, Toh H, :"Interaction between intrinsically disordered proteins frequently occurs in a human protein-protein interaction network.", J Mol Biol., 9; 392(5), pp.1253-65, (2009)., selected by Faculty of 1000 Biology helpmark
2009/08/24 public information Voice of a Researcher Vol.8
2009/07/13 Results of research Proposal to JST's Strategic Japanese-Swedish Cooperative Programme "Multidisciplinary BIO" accepted
2009/6/30 Event 3rd-4th December, CBRC2009(The Annual Meeting of CBRC)
2009/6/30 Event 2nd-4th December, BiWO2009(Bioinformatics Week In Odaiba)
2009/6/15 Cooperation Developers Vol.3
2009/04/24 Event 1-3 July 8th International BIO Expo
2009/04/06 public information NEWSLETTER No.27
2009/03/12 public information CBRC Newsletter (English Edition) 2009
2009/01/08 public information NEWSLETTER No.26
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2008/12/22 Results of research Report:CASP8
2008/12/18 Results of research published CentroidFold: Software for Genome Analysis
2008/10/06 Results of research Report:AB2008
2008/10/02 public information NEWSLETTER No.25
2008/09/11 Results of research Introduction of LAST (Software for Genome Analysis)
2008/07/17 Event 6th-7th November, The Annual Meeting of CBRC
2008/07/09 public information NEWSLETTER No.24
2008/5/12 Results of research CBRC Researchers Contribute to Discovery of Endogenous siRNA
2008/5/8 Event 7th International BIO Expo
2008/04/16 public information NEWSLETTER No.23
2008/4/15 Results of research Introduction of SAMURAI (Software for Cellular System Analysis)
2008/4/8 Results of research Introduction of Rfold (Software for Genome Analysis)
2008/4/8 Cooperation Developers Vol.2
2008/3/21 Results of research Rfold: Software for Genome Analysis
2008/03/14 Report Report:Biohackathon 2008
2008/01/30 public information NEWSLETTER No.22
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2007/11/21 public information Voice of a Researcher
2007/9/3 public information NEWSLETTER No.21
2007/8/30 Cooperation Developers Vol.1
2007/8/22 Results of research Murlet: Software for Genome Analysis
2007/8/17 Results of research MOU on Bioinformatics research between CBRC and RISC in Austria
2007/8/13 Results of research The research grant of the OKAWA FOUNDATION for Information and Telecommunications
2007/8/6 public information Voice of a Researcher
2007/7/1 public information NEWSLETTER No.20
2007/4/1 public information NEWSLETTER No.19
2007/1/4 public information NEWSLETTER No.18
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