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Integration of Biological Information Team

Research Topics

Development of complex structure calculation technology

Calculate protein-protein docking using high-throughput numerical libraries and research on, protein-carbohydrate chain interactions by large-scale parallel computer processing.

Development of functional prediction technology

Enable the prediction of the structures (RNA) and functional sites based on protein-complex structure, and ultimately the prediction of protein function through the integration of calculation and network dynamical analysis.

Establishment of applied large-scale calculation technology platform

Develop fundamental technologies that will provide a foundation to support drug discovery and biological polymer regulation (intermolecular interaction) research, based in store of quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, and molecular docking computational technologies that have been developed to date.

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Team Member

Kiyoshi Asai
DirectorLeader E-mail
Kiyoshi Asai
Key Words

Genome Information Analysis, Comparative Genomics, Functional RNA,Non-coding RNA, Stochastic Model, Sequence Analysis, Secondary Structure of RNA

Daisuke Tominaga
Senior Research Scientist
Key Words

Systems biology, Time series analysis, Symbolic computation, Numerical optimization, Gene regulatory networks, S-system, Periodicity judgment

Kazuhiko Fukui

Additional post
Key Words

Molecular Simulation, Saccharides, GRID, HPC, Protein Interaction, Fragmentation Mechanism, LASER, Photo-induced reaction

Takafumi Narise
Research Staff
Key Words

Gene Expression Analysis, Metabolic Pathway Analysis

Takahiro Tsukui
Research Staff
Key Words

genome analysis, sequence analysis, NGS(Next Generation Sequencing) assembly

Papers List

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  • D. Tominaga, "Periodicity detection method for small-sample time series datasets", Bioinformatics and Biology Insights, 4, pp.127-136 (2010).
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